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Trees Atlanta! #33Oaks

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red oak leaf

A collaboration of Artists and Trees Atlanta


Trees not only clean our air, cool our city streets and, help to combat climate change. They also are an important part of healing our minds and protecting our bodies. I'm so thankful to be included in this group project for the Trees Atlanta @artistworkshopseries raising awareness of the importance of trees in our communities. For this project I wanted to share the process that I use for creating collage pieces with dried and pressed leaves, plants and flowers. My piece incorporates a Red Oak Leaf. I dried and pressed the leaf, built a reclaimed wooden frame and then poured epoxy over the piece. I also incorporated Sage and Hydrangea leaves. #33oaks #treesatlanta Thank you, Trees Atlanta for your work. And, for including me!

Earrings galore! Stud and Hoop Earrings! Silver Earrings!!

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I’ve been working so hard on our new house….that story is coming soon…That, I have been really only working part time on my art business. I’ve been struggling a bit to keep up with inventory but, I am plugging a way at it. For you folks with custom orders, I appreciate your patience!

In the mean-time I’ve been busy making earrings. It takes me just about an hour, from start to finish to make each pair. So, that means, cutting the raw metal to size, filing pieces to solder, soldering all the components, finishing/polishing the work and then setting stones. Lots of steps!

But, I’ve been getting great feedback about them. My new Stud and Hoop earrings have gotten especially great feedback as well. Customers have said that they are comfortable to wear and can be great everyday adornments! Success!

They are Silver studs with either mixed metal hoops, or all silver hoops. And, I am able to offer a variety of natural stones: Hematite, Carnelian, Snowflake Obsidian, Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, and more. Send me an email if you have any questions!

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting my work and my one-woman show!

Earrings can be found in my shop and on Instagram



brigid ko silver earrings

How to wear a bandana scarf and a bandana slide - They are so versatile!

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I have been really enjoying making my new bandana slides! I love wearing them and sharing them.

I had a great collaboration making Four Leaf Clover slides for Jenni Earle in Winston-Salem and also CBD Hemp slides for Blühen Botanicals here in Knoxville.

Since I’ve been putting them out in the world, I have been getting lots of inquiries about how best to wear them. First of all, I found this awesome blog post about ways to wear Bandanas and this one about the different ways to wear them…Hey, you could totally add a slide to these styles too!

Secondly, I thought I’d share how I wear the slides.

These slides can also be used as rosettes for horse bridals! How cool is that!

How do you wear your scarves and slides?



Seed catalogs, Cutting Flowers, and Garden Planning!

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I just came back from an incredible trip to Chile! I backpacked in Patagonia for 2 weeks and, did some sightseeing and lots of coffee drinking in Santiago, Chile. It was a beautiful experience! The people were so kind, the spaces clean and the views mind-altering. I can’t wait to go back! If you would like to see images from my trip, please go to my Instagram account @cookingwithharold

Well, now I am back home and back to work. And, I am happily taking custom orders for both my real pressed flower art and jewelry and my Silver Jewelry. Please send me an email if you have an interest in creating something unique! This year I would love to focus on creating healing pieces of art and jewelry. Talisman created especially for individuals. I am not sure how that will look yet but, I will keep you posted. And, please reach out if you have idea of what that would mean for you.

Well, It has been raining like mad here in the South .The ground is so completely saturated that you can’t walk anywhere. So, I guess it is still acceptable to hunker down inside, next to the wooodstove and peruse the seed catalogs!….I can’t help starting to plan what beautiful flowers and plants I will have in my garden this year.

I am fortunate to have quite a large garden on my property. I have created some separate sections in effort to keep myself from being overwhelmed with weeding. You see, around this time of year I want ALL of the things in the garden…then, around August I am slammed with work and also, dreading going outside to weed, and fight the mosquitoes. So, I keep updating my garden plan.

One area has become focused on fruit trees and bushes. We have planted over 20 fruit trees on our 1 acre of property! We also have 10 blueberry bushes, and a huge wild section of raspberries. .

Then we have selected a special area for perennial plants , a small veggie and herb section and, of course the cutting flower section.

Some good sources for seeds of all kinds are: Johnny’s seeds ,

Happy New Year!

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Hello and, Happy New Year!

I have had a wild year, starting a new business. I appreciate so tremendously, all of the love and support that I have gotten. I appreciate you all so much.

Than being said, it has NOT been easy. I’ve had to take a step away from producing silver jewelry to focus on the real flower pieces. And, to be honest, that hurts my heart a little. But, I am going to try to take the next months to get back into it and produce some new silver work. I’ll post new pieces on my Instagram @brigidko

My Real Flower work will be up and available for another month at Bliss on Gay Street, in Downtown Knoxville.

And, I am working hard on some new collaborations with some awesome artists. More details tba soon! I’m soo excited!

Also…. I am getting ready to go on an epic adventure! I have an incredible opportunity to go to Patagonia, Chile at the end of January! I can’t believe how lucky I am! I am also slightly terrified…but, isn’t that the point of life?! Being pushed to you limits, exploring, spending time with friends and family?

Ok, that’s all for now.

I just wanted to say thank you! Happy New Year! Love each other and be kind to yourself!



Holiday Market

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This Saturday, December, 21st is the last Market of the season!

Come join me 11am-5pm

The weather is looking great! And, It is a wonderful opportunity to get last minute gifts for your self and loved ones.

My booth is located at the intersection of Market St and Union Ave…..near Tupelo Honey Restaurant

My booth location at the holiday market in Knoxville, TN

My booth location at the holiday market in Knoxville, TN


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The month of December is filled with fun events!

(click for calendar) Calendar of Events

I’ll be sticking more local with shops and markets in Knoxville, TN and Asheville, NC.

I’ll be in Asheville for the Big Crafty, Dec 1st and 2nd! Come see all of the incredible art and craft with 200 talented and unique vendors!

I’ll also be at the Market Square Holiday Market in Knoxville’s historic Market Square. It happens every Saturday until Christmas.

And, if you are in Knoxville December 7th, come see me at Bliss on Gay Street in Downtown Knoxville! I’ll be there opening a reception of my work from 6pm-9pm And, my work will be up and available for the month of December.

I’m also trying to keep up with inventory and get some pieces up online. Thanks for your patience as a navigate running a small business which means doing all of the marketing and business-y stuff while still making work :)

I’ve been full time since April and I’m so excited that I am able to make this work so far!

Thank you for all of your love and support!



New Website! New Shopping! New Events!

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Getting ready for the Holidays!

The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing….it’s time to start thinking about the Holidays. Get your unique, handmade stocking stuffers and special, statement jewelry while supporting small business

Check out my Events Page to see where I will be selling items in person. I will be in Nashville, Knoxville, Asheville and, Chattanooga over the next months.

And, I will have open studio days and pop-up shops throughout the season.

I am so excited to share my handmade art and jewelry with you. Oh, and I am offering free gift wrapping!

Thank you so much for your love and support!

xo B