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Seed catalogs, Cutting Flowers, and Garden Planning!

brigid oesterling

I just came back from an incredible trip to Chile! I backpacked in Patagonia for 2 weeks and, did some sightseeing and lots of coffee drinking in Santiago, Chile. It was a beautiful experience! The people were so kind, the spaces clean and the views mind-altering. I can’t wait to go back! If you would like to see images from my trip, please go to my Instagram account @cookingwithharold

Well, now I am back home and back to work. And, I am happily taking custom orders for both my real pressed flower art and jewelry and my Silver Jewelry. Please send me an email if you have an interest in creating something unique! This year I would love to focus on creating healing pieces of art and jewelry. Talisman created especially for individuals. I am not sure how that will look yet but, I will keep you posted. And, please reach out if you have idea of what that would mean for you.

Well, It has been raining like mad here in the South .The ground is so completely saturated that you can’t walk anywhere. So, I guess it is still acceptable to hunker down inside, next to the wooodstove and peruse the seed catalogs!….I can’t help starting to plan what beautiful flowers and plants I will have in my garden this year.

I am fortunate to have quite a large garden on my property. I have created some separate sections in effort to keep myself from being overwhelmed with weeding. You see, around this time of year I want ALL of the things in the garden…then, around August I am slammed with work and also, dreading going outside to weed, and fight the mosquitoes. So, I keep updating my garden plan.

One area has become focused on fruit trees and bushes. We have planted over 20 fruit trees on our 1 acre of property! We also have 10 blueberry bushes, and a huge wild section of raspberries. .

Then we have selected a special area for perennial plants , a small veggie and herb section and, of course the cutting flower section.

Some good sources for seeds of all kinds are: Johnny’s seeds ,