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How to wear a bandana scarf and a bandana slide - They are so versatile!

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I have been really enjoying making my new bandana slides! I love wearing them and sharing them.

I had a great collaboration making Four Leaf Clover slides for Jenni Earle in Winston-Salem and also CBD Hemp slides for Blühen Botanicals here in Knoxville.

Since I’ve been putting them out in the world, I have been getting lots of inquiries about how best to wear them. First of all, I found this awesome blog post about ways to wear Bandanas and this one about the different ways to wear them…Hey, you could totally add a slide to these styles too!

Secondly, I thought I’d share how I wear the slides.

These slides can also be used as rosettes for horse bridals! How cool is that!

How do you wear your scarves and slides?