Brigid KO Designs Everyday Adornments and Talismen

Brigid KO Designs

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Hello! I’m a self taught jeweler. I have lived across the US but found a spot to call home in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee. Using a torch and hand tools, I create one of a kind pieces designed to be everyday adornments.

How do you feel when you put on your favorite outfit, or your favorite piece of jewelry? Metals are conductive and stones carry power. So, you probably feel confidence, excitement, self love, or bonds to loved ones. I love creating personalized talisman for my clients. Think of it as “prescription” jewelry, jewelry medicine. This doesn’t mean you have to wear anything outrageous. I will work with you to create something that meshes with your style and lifestyle.

I am inspired by the unique textures and colors of the natural stones I use like; Turquoise, Variscite, Carnelian and Opal. Everything I make I would wear myself. On days off, you can find me working on my house, traveling, hiking in the Smokies, or swimming in the river in Big South Fork….and, of course, wearing a ring on every finger.

You may follow Brigid KO designs and travels on Instagram: @brigidko or @cookingwithharold