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Brigid KO - Inner Tubes, Ceramics - Photographer Jack Parker, model, Adrienne Wiest

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Designer Brigid KO creates incredible clothing made primarily from inner tubes and recycled materials. Her focus has been to use inner tubes from cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Please

Not your typical recycled-wear, the recycled rubber material often has a leather look which the designer masterfully balances with other materials, often masking the identity of the innertube. Her work is innovative and, these unique pieces are both delicate and bold.

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     I started working with recycled inner tubes a few years ago. As a seamstress and artist, I would often explore sewing with materials other than fabric. Inner tubes are part of my life as a bicyclist and motorcyclist. I began by making handbags, wallets and jewelry from the old inner tubes, and things just progressed from there.

     I love the material because it’s hard to work with and a challenge. But, also because each item has it’s own different colors, patterns, and textures. Some tubes have patches, rust and dirt. I think that adds to it’s beauty.

     I love the challenge of using found and recycled materials to create something new. Re-construction and re-creation are an exploration of my concerns with consumerism, consumption, and materialism. I am fascinated with the challenge of manipulating non-traditional materials to make them conform to more traditional constructions. Using inner tubes from tractors, motorcycles, and bicycles, roofing rubber, rim strip, and mechanical parts, etc., I find myself especially drawn to the play on these traditionally “masculine” types of objects as re-constructed into bold but feminine, delicate forms. The use of inner tubes is a special challenge. Because of their function, they are molded to a specific form. The end result, however, is a shockingly soft, pliable, beautifully textured piece that is completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

     I am always interested in custom orders, costuming, special projects, etc. I love collaborating.

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